shout it out

  • Tell everyone you know and speak to that you are freelancing

do free work for good people

  • you have more creative control when the $ is not dictating design
  • which creates better projects, learning and case studies
  • you will be surprised where recommendations end up
  • trust is always an issue when hiring a freelancer. this establishes you as more ethical

collaborate as much as possible

  • by working together, people can learn teh depth of your skills
  • by working together, you build trust
  • people will recommend people who they have worked together and trust

provide good service

  • educate
  • manage expectations
  • fix any screwups. A job that finishes with a bad client relationship is a disaster
  • then ask for a testimonial for your linkedin and website
  • then ask for referrals
  • pay a finders fee or give presents to people who refer you work

package your folio well

  • communication and design… that’s your job… do it well… don’t be a smart arse
  • learn search engine optimisation… and do it well


  • go to meetup’s (.com) and other networking events such as:
  • local business events
  • subjects that you work in – eg the Melbourne WordPress Meetup
  • events where people are going that are likely to need your services
  • visit online forums etc
  • – //
  • don’t be shy, others are there to network so say hello
  • although networking is work, fun people are more fun to work with.. so have fun
  • you don’t need to be corporate. People are different and conect with different types of people
  • contribute freely to these networks. The more love shared, the more received
  • this post is giving my experience, free, no strings attached… and that builds trust and respect

use business language in your sales process

  • Commercial  design is about providing financial returns for a business
  • Good  design is  essential to compete in today’s market place of switched on consumers.
  • Excellent design will increase market share and create new markets.
  • Most major brands no longer manufacture stuff, they produce brands (ie design)

when work is low

  • get on the phone and call other agencies. It is hard to find good people and if you contact at the right moment…