Bill Dodd

Glenn is an excellent strategist when it comes to web design. The workshops with him were incredibly useful in refining what we wanted our website to do in the context of our broader organisational objectives. The finished product is excellent. Overall our team is very grateful to have been able to draw on Glenn’s extensive experience in not only web design, but user experience and CRM integration. Thank you Glenn!

Jesse Boylan

It was great working with Glenn and ActionSkills. Glen’s skills and patience was instrumental in my experience of making my website. His knowledge of project management, web design, as well as campaigning and activism meant a lot of things didn’t have to be explained. I highly recommend ActionSkills for your next website project.

Igor Pershin

Glenn is a top notch web developer more interested in partnering with your org to make a greater impact than only making money, which is refreshing to see. He is honest, transparent and reliable, delivering what he set out to achieve exceeding our expectations her at Farmer’s Footprint Australia. Highly recommended!

Jane Douglas

We went to ActionSkills to sort out our dysfunctional website. ActionSkills are amazing help for NFP orgs like us.

Alex Rodriguez

We highly recommend Action Skills. They have helped us increase our reach and market share

Jenny Wolswinkel

I approached Glenn Todd and Action Skills with a request to add an online store to my website, so that I could sell my Eucalypts books online. Glenn recommended building a website that would not only meet my immediate needs but also accurately represent the nature, scope and direction of the business, Seeds of Gippsland. His advice to work on clarifying my business goals echoed that of my business mentor, which I thought a good sign!

I didn’t need much convincing that we needed to completely replace my inadequate old website, and got to work on defining goals and supplying an assortment of images, business information and hastily-written soul-searching paragraphs. Glenn worked his magic with my material, incorporating it into a new website that is as functional as it is pleasing to look at.

Watching the website take shape helped me to get a clearer picture of Seeds of Gippsland and the direction it needs to go, and fine-tuning the content became easy. The website still serves as a reference point to keep us on track, and I’m sure it will continue to be an integral part of the business as it develops further.

I appreciated Action Skills’ strategic approach to website building; the obvious experience and technical expertise necessary to develop user-friendly pages; and their willingness and ability to answer questions, respond to requests and provide instructions on how to use software.
They will be my go-to people for any future website and automation needs.

El Hadj Djitteye

As grassroots peace activists, working with ActionSkills on the redesign of the Timbuktu Center Think tank website was a game changer for us. Glenn’s work was insightful, design-thinking, and intuitive, which helped us in developing a website to expand our work online and have an international profile. I would recommend them for your website work and any Digital and website development work.

Glenn is an inspiration to both our generation and future generations. His passion and dedication to supporting and assisting grassroots organizations in making the world a better place to live are greatly needed.

Lighter Footprints

Glenn and team did a great job helping us to improve our SEO.

Antony Loewenstein

Working with ActionSkills for the redesign of the Declassified Australia website, we found Glenn’s work to be insightful, forward-thinking and intuitive to help us build a platform to expand our investigative journalism. I’d recommend them for your website work.

Olly Guano

Supports the grassroots political scene in so-called Aus. Very responsive and helpful expertise. Pls support.

Adrian Marshall

Easy and empowering, understood our needs well.

Gem Romuld

Action Skills is a brilliant crew of radical web whizzes that keep a whole host of campaign websites up and running- a critical contribution to the struggle for a better world. They are also very easy to work with and learn from.

James Whelan

Glenn and the ActionSkills team created the Change Agency’s new website. They have a deep understanding of the not for profit sector and the unique needs of public interest organisations. They anticipated our strengths and constraints and tailored solutions accordingly. Creative, intuitive, resourceful.

Don Baker

Rogaining Victoria is a small not for profit and Glenn from ActionSkills helped us develop our new website. It is a vast improvement on the old site and came in on budget. Implementation took longer than we expected but that is because we could not keep up the pace needed. ActionSkills were patient and flexible in meeting our time constraints and answering our questions. We have a site that we feel we can keep current without a lot of ongoing assistance

Anthony Amis

ActionSkills are the best!!! I first met Glenn Todd a few years ago with the “mad” idea of creating a national pesticide map. Not only did he have all the skills to pull the map framework together, he made it in a way that was simple enough for me (a computer tragic) to add data to. We’ve hit around 90,000 page views now and also added 4 more maps highlighting drinking water, PFAS chemicals and even koalas. ActionSkills have also been patient in dealing with me and have helped with numerous updates to the sites as well. 5 stars from me

Richard Hart

Highly recommend Actionskills, quick responses and great support. Helped me build my first website from start to finish would highly recommend

Catherine Barrett

I worked with Glenn to set up a website. He was great to work with – engaged with our stakeholders in ways that were respectful, was creative, patient and prompt. Did I say patient? I so appreciated his willingness to teach me how to do most of it myself. thanks Glenn.

James Whelan

Thanks, Glenn, for your excellent webinars. I’m impressed by your skills, knowledge and experience, and particularly how you speak directly to activist needs and priorities. Brilliant!

Shanti Naidu

The Digital Marketing online classes by Glenn was very informative and excellent. I highly recommend these classes for people who are seriously looking out for good classes online.

Jessica Morrison

Glenn is not only a skilled IT professional, but he also understands campaigning – which was vital for our project. With Glenn’s steadfast commitment to co-learning, we’ve boosted our own skills and understanding in website design and functionality, and been challenged about our assumptions. Glenn’s work has taken our website capabilities to the next level, without breaking the bank

Natalie K

I found those two afternoons of working on my website very helpful: they certainly gave me the confidence to build (and recently spruce up) my own website, and I have happily recommended you to colleagues.

Shima Ibuki

Glenn built the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre’s new website which is a fully functional site with online event bookings and room calendars. Glenn listened carefully to our needs and delivered a product that was in line with our budget and then taught us how to maintain it. We still use Glenn on an as needs basis to troubleshoot and when we want to make modifications to the website. I recommend Glenn as a friendly, technically competent and experienced web designer and look forward to continuing to work with him. See less

Maria McConkey

Thank you so much Glenn for your patient, positive and thorough training and expertise! We were able to get SENVIC up and running within a few weeks and use the builder with ease. We feel well-equipped to manage our own website in the long term (with a little bit of help here and there!).

Bess Murphy

Thank you so much Glenn for all your help making Cairns and Far North Environment Centre a swish bang new website and database to boot. Great service, great price, really understands the needs of the non-profit and activist world as well as all the tech. Flexible, responsive and fast worker. There’s no way we could have got this outcome without you – we can’t thank you enough!

Lizzie O’Shea

Glenn offered a practical and thoughtful approach to building my website. I needed guidance and he helped me through it. I can recommend this for people who are looking for ways to learn to how to be independent in managing a digital project, in a supported environment.

Holly Gurling

Glenn is one of those rare technology teachers who is engaging, inspiring, interesting and highly technically skilled.

He has got a great teaching style which gives a broad overview of many different concept before narrowing in on things. We touched on a range of areas: marketing, human psychology, design, coding. Glenn’s got cool take on things, which also makes learning easy and fun.

Holly Hammond

Thank you so much Glenn, you did a great job! So appreciative of your combination of digital skills and radical values

Sally Berger

In three days I learned not only how to use WordPress, but also about broader elements including design, security and future trends that resulted in a deeper understanding of all things IT.

My new-found knowledge has given me confidence to achieve the goal that led me to undertaking this training, and has opened my mind to other ways to use these skills in the future.

Glenn’s way of facilitating is to empower you with knowledge, presenting options and challenges to guide you to make your own decisions and to learn by doing.

I learned much more than I thought possible in a short period of time, enjoyed shared learnings with other participants, and came away armed with knowledge and skills that have enriched my life.
Thank you Glenn.

Jennifer Hutchison

Just want to add profound gratitude to Glenn at Dvize for his terrific guidance as he set up and launched for us. It was impressive to watch the magician at work. This is the sort of behind-the-scenes help small business needs, to keep up with the web-world and concentrate on selling good books.

Karen Saul

I recently attended Glenn’s RMIT short course on web design – what a fantastic learning experience. I loved the in-depth but practical hands-on approach. I finished the course with the knowledge and confidence to build and launch my own website. I would highly recommend Glenn to anyone wanting to grow their knowledge of web design or development. 

Alex Prideaux

Glenn is very knowledgeable and has a good base knowledge of how to build websites from the ground up. He covers things that are relevant to what you want to achieve, and is very honest and efficient with his time and training. If I ever need someone with technical skill to help me build and run a decent website I will use Glenn.

Deborah Hart

Glenn Todd is a delightful Master Geek. His approach logically and systematically demystifies all things internet in the context of strategic, goal-focused communications. Combining simple language with storytelling flair, Glenn is an exceptional educator and I most highly recommend his web design courses.

Adam Baldock

I asked Glen to update my website. I now have a great contemporary website that quickly conveys what I am about. Glen has awesome insight and understanding of design, marketing and google.

Oneal Waromi

What I always remember after the training is that Glenn always emphasising on strategy, and that is the most important part of building a website. This is a reflection on how someone has lots of experience on the web industry. The other one is, digital minimisation and to make things simple. Because at the end of the story is how you can attract the audience or customer, without sweating too much.

Sonjeeta Mahapatra

Foundation House worked with Dvize to set up a new website in WordPress. We found them to be a very straightforward, responsive agency who have the ability to simplify the complicated process of building a new website and train our in house team during the process.

Dvize are excellent project managers, and their progress meetings were a very important part of the process to ensure that the project was on track and deadlines did not slip. Their organized approach meant that our project was kept within budget and that we worked to our timeframes, and in turn we were able to meet our goals.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dvize and the work that they do. They work to very high standards, have a frank approach and a highly skilled team.

Emily Alexandra

I am totally thankful for you immediately giving me an easy-to-digest overview of available services, resources and options along with a range of fantastic recommendations.

I was thoroughly impressed by the almost immediate understanding of project requirements, next-level attention to detail and general intuitive and thoughtful approach to not only the project itself but, to the site we made (in record speed, mind you).

The intuitive and consistently can-do approach is very refreshing and so very rare in this world! Simplicity, creativity, resourcefulness and an earnest approach are what stood out for me, and a high-level of integrity and care for the work in general – absolutely no detail was left untouched and everything I wanted, you made happen. It’s rare to find any of those qualities in the industry so the combination of the above is a beautiful thing, and as a result, so is the website.

From a technical perspective it was future-proofed at every single level which adds another layer of amazingness – I can’t thank you enough for your help to overcome all obstacles and guiding and leading the way to make sure the site is fully measurable and all plugins integrated intelligently. The design, which can often make or break a project, is totally spot-on as well and was very quickly developed – a credit to your experience, knowledge of WordPress and the latest and greatest IA and industry practices.

Thanks very much to both Debbie, Glenn and the team, I hope to work with you again.

May Ng

Dvize developed our website for Changing Places, a project advocating for fully accessible public toilets for people with severe and profound disability. Dvize really made the effort to understand our goals and requirements, offering sound professional advice during every step of the process. They worked flexibly and responded to all our requests, questions and changes and delivered the project on time despite the tight turnaround time and complex nature of the project.

Dimity Hawkins

Glenn Todd was pivotal to the launching and branding of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN) in the lead up to launching the campaign from Australia in 2007. He provided essential training in Drupal for our staff, helped coordinate and design our initial website and has provided us with further training and advice over the past four years. He is approachable, professional and very adept at sharing skills and knowledge. We appreciate Glenns work immensely.

Veronica Backhouse

I have participated in Glenn’s WordPress training and it was excellent. He really knows his stuff and is an approachable and practical facilitator. Recommended!

Ros Elliott

A terrific trainer: professional, lots of expertise, and patience. Fun too!

Liz Remmerswaal Hughes

As well as being clever and skilled he is a helluva lovely guy! A pleasure to be around and very good with dynamics and people. Highly recommended.

Kirstie McLaren

I approached Glenn to provide some training on the technical aspects ofsetting up WordPress for the new UnitingCare website.

Glenn has calm approach to his work and spent time on website strategy and understanding exactly what I wanted to achieve both from a training perspective and in terms of site functionality.

Glenn guided me through the complexities of server management, security issues, SEO and CSS coding for custom design. He has a flexible work approach, meaning he can schedule times to meet face to face, respond to email or set up a conversation via Skype.

I highly recommend Glenn from Dvize as excellent designer, trainer and strategist. His portfolio says it all.

Tiffany Harrison

I’ve done this awesome website strategy and content training with Glenn Todd. He was great at communicating complex concepts and helping me understand both how to manage and update websites, as well as core strategy and design behind them. For example, after the workshop in brand design and user journeys I was then able to teach it myself.

Min Rose

Glenn has helped me navigate the computer world before with ease and understanding of my level, super easy to talk to and explains things in accessible language without being condescending. Thanks Glenn for all your work and help!

Christobel Munson

Glenn was fantastic totally revitalising our website with WordPress. Then he taught me how to manage ongoing content changes, despite my extreme hesitation and, um, discomfort at the very idea. Now I am so happy that I can nip in and add a little bit here, change something there. All without formality or didactic teaching, which wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Heartily recommend any class or instruction to anyone considering his trainings. And he’s such a nice guy too.

Aidan Kempster

Doing a couple of days worth of training with Glenn last year was all I needed to build and launch my own website. Cannot recommend this down to earth advice enough, particularly when it comes to digital strategy!

Barrie Hanson

Margaret and myself are really pleased with the website. Other folks have said they like it too, so again thanks for your expertise.

Felicity Ruby

Highly recommend Glenn for all digital campaigning, website building & training needs. A pleasure to create & make movements go w this guy.

Louise M. Somerville

Glenn Todd does some great IT training for Knitting Nannas Against Gas. Nanna hugs!

Cate Adams

Glenn is a good presenter, he is very knowledgeable and gave us lots of useful information and skills, particularly with social media

Phil Evans

I owe my understanding of coding and website development to the wonderful sessions run by Glenn. I would recommend his trainings to anyone keen to build their online skill base.

Hayley Sestokas

WordPress workshop was exciting, challenging and informative. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to either expand on existing knowledge or start from scratch. Thanks heaps Glenn!

Chris Sanderson

He can even get 81 year olds to grock it…

Margaret Scheidler

Thanks very much, Glenn, for so generously sharing your expertise with the Knitting Nannas today! I learned heaps and am really inspired to put it into practice. Watch out, world, here come the Knitting Nannas!! Thanks again, Glenn!

Jerry Johnson

Glenn is passionate about what he does and it makes for an enjoyable, informative course. I recommend it to anyone and I plan on attending again.

Elise West

Glenn is very experienced and knowledgeable. His training delivers critical skills in digital tools and platforms, and techniques for safe, effective, and creative communication about the things that matter. A very inspiring workshop.

Kerry Gray

Glenn’s trainings raise awareness of the physical, mental and social terrain to be negotiated when involved with activism, lobbying or social change. Being prepared builds resilience and help prevents burn-out.

Nimai Dawe

Glenn is a massive computer nerd and thats why he is an excellent person to learn wordpress or any computer related subject off. He offers in-depth insights into the virtual world and breathes life into what would otherwise be an incredibly boring subject. Thanks a lot Glenn for sharing your expertise and guiding us through the ins and outs of webdesign.

Eleanor Coffey

During Glenn’s three day WordPress training I went from not know the first thing about web design to having the confidence to build a website for our new cooperative cleaning business. The emphasis on strategy as well as the technical aspects was great, and is helping us build a website that won’t just look awesome, but be functional and user friendly too.

Warren Michael

Thank you for a great 3 days of WordPress Training that was informative, insightful and inspiring! You definitely know your stuff. Can’t wait to dive into WP in more depth and start applying the knowledge you’ve imparted. Thanks for showing us the ropes.

Aiesha Grierson

Glenn delivers training that is on-point and responsive to clients objectives. His fluid communication style is engaging and makes learning about technical content easy

Catherine Barrett

3 amazing days. You are so talented and generous. Thankyou.

Betty Musgrove

I attended a one day WordPress class with Glenn. He was a patient and thorough teacher. Working for a small community based organisation and being imparted with these skills has meant that I can now work towards helping others in my organisation understand maximising our web presence and work towards better campaign strategies. I would recommend This class to anyone.

Catherine Rouse

I appreciated the training – delivery and content – it was fantastic. Thank you!

Ruben Rubens

Glenn/ActionSkills/digital apprenticeship training introduced me to a new world of ideas and skills that I applied in media and online campaigning. The training gave me a great framework for how to learn digital skills which started me on the path of providing website support and training for other activists, and starting my own business in web design.

Jasmin Tulk

The Australian Ballet engaged Glenn to develop the blog, During the entire process we found Glenn to be helpful and mindful of our unique requirements, he answered our questions patiently and his suggestions helped improve the concept of the blog.

Glenn took proactive measures to enhance the functionality and aesthetic quality of the blog and we were impressed with his level of technical expertise, which he explained carefully and thoroughly. We are very happy with and would gladly recommend his services for any company that wants to promote it’s online presence.

Monica Buch

Glenn has provided us with excellent service which is tailored to the needs of Arts Centre Melbourne. He redesigned The Famous Spiegel Season website to meet the specific needs of our organisation. The training provided was customised; providing the necessary skills and knowledge needed to foster independence over the website – one that is easy to manage and update.

It is reassuring to know that Glenn knows his work inside out and provides professional and personalised service that is simply a phone call or email away with a super-fast response rate, explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Thank you Glenn for your expertise and for creating a user-friendly website.

Lucy Feagins

Dvize built a customised WordPress site for The Design Files, and managed the migration of an enormous archive of content across to the new site. It was huge task which Dvize completed at an extremely competitive rate.

It is invaluable knowing that you have one person who knows the project inside and out, and he’s only a phone call away with any questions / troubleshooting down the track. You wouldn’t get this level of personalised service from a larger company.

He was very good at communicating complex issues and developing a solution that draws on a wide variety of technical options.

Carlo Santone

It was brilliant to work with Glenn at dvize on the new Blue King Brown website, Glenn really opened my mind to understand the importance, relevance & overall concept behind building an effective website. Not only am really happy with the site, we’ve had some great feedback, it’s easy to operate, effective and very functional, but my understanding of the world wide web is now much more comprehensive as a result of my experience with dvize.

Maria Simonelli

I highly recommend Glenn, his knowledge about this arena is vast and based in practical application. And as importantly his intentions are to support community by building their capacity to flourish.

Im lucky enough to be trained by Glenn in wordpress and online strategy. His training is well structured , practical and caters to a diverse audience, always responsive to their needs and level of experience. I highly recommend his training programs

Dan Purdey

Glenn’s knowledge is infinite, his training methods are concise, very time efficient yet extremely thorough. He is very personable, provides the perfect learning environment and always provides a comprehensive answer to any question. I highly recommend Glenn to anyone considering participating in any of his training courses.

Glenn knows his work inside out. He is an exceptionally capable and personal trainer. He has a strong learning pace so much content is covered providing great value for money whilst all participant skill levels are catered for.

Helen Cox

I attended Glenn’s 3 day WordPress Training in November 2014 and was very impressed by the speed and effectiveness of the training in building my knowledge and confidence for website management and online strategy. I am very happy with the training as a someone who is about to start a business of my own and as a community volunteer, these skills are extemely useful for community groups and non-for-profit organisations who need a communications or campaign boost. I feel that Glenn did a great job of desmystifying online strategy through experiential workshop design and I feel more than ready to apply the skills I learned from this short yet intensive training. Highly recommended.

Dan Atkins

Glenn was involved in the early stages of our business establishment and was invaluable in the development of various company web sites and communication materials.

I found Glenn to be highly professional, reliable, honest and committed to achieving positive outcomes.

He was very good at communicating complex issues and developing a solution that draws on a wide variety of technical options.

Jackie Jenkins

As a small non-profit organisation, we needed a low-cost no-frills website on which to publish an educational resource. Glenn understood exactly what we needed and set about creating it. He worked above and beyond requirements particularly in negotiating with other IT professionals on our behalf. His patience with our shifting deadlines and changing requirements was stellar. Thanks to Glenn, we now have an excellent on-line resource that we know is contributing to improved circumstances for many in our community.

Emily Griffith

Environmental Earth Sciences International engaged Glenn to redevelop our group of websites into two functional and efficient sites. He worked very closely with us from the early development and planning stages right through to sending the sites live to make sure that all of our objectives were achieved. Glenn always took the time to talk through any design or technical issues including offering training so we can manage the sites ourselves.

Glenn responded very quickly to our timelines throughout the projects and ensured that the websites were delivered in line with our schedule and budget. His approach was consistently professional and was always willing to offer help and advice. I would be more than happy to work with Glenn on future projects and would recommend Dvize to anyone looking for a creative new website.

Uschi Steedman

As a fledgling, small business owner I was looking for a web developer who could work with me to produce an affordable yet engaging and easily maintainable website. Glenn’s direct and professional approach was just what I was after. Sound, clear advice that made the decision-making easy; and a website that works beautifully and fits the brief perfectly.

Glenn has a unique skill-set that covers all bases and makes working with him a pleasure – up-to-date technical knowledge, a passion for social media strategy, a commitment to training, and a strong design background. Combine this with his amazing patience, support and willingness to share knowledge and you have a service that is second-to-none. Glenn’s commitment to various environmental and not-for-profit initiatives also speaks volumes about his principled approach to business and it was a delight to see this translated into his day-to-day working practices.

Elaine Thomas

I recently worked with Glenn Todd from Dvize on the design of a new website for the International Ranger Federation. We are a small, not-for-profit, volunteer-based organisation. We had big ideas for our website and a small budget. Glenn worked above and beyond the requirements of our contract to help us to achieve our goals. Thanks to Glenn we now have a website that is fresh and functional and that we can easily manage and update ourselves.

Glenn also provided advice on our new domain name and our hosting options – all of which we found very useful and acted on. He also ensured a smooth transition from our old website to the new one.

I found Glenn to be highly professional, patient and incredibly helpful, passionate and enthusiastic.

Lucas Habib

Dvize designed a website that meets our needs as an international organization. They have built scalability for mobile devices into the theme, which is critical for us so staff working in remote areas all over the world can access it. Not only does the site look great, it has been easy for us to maintain. Glenn’s service has been stellar in helping us tweak things to make sure it’s all running as we’d like, and he’s gone above and beyond in dealing with our previous hosts and domain name providers. The fact that Dvize supports environmental causes has also been a big factor for us.

Kathryn McGrath

Dvize worked with us to rebuild our site ACTU Worksite for Schools, helping us to convert from a clunky custom CMS to WordPress. Their focus on collaboration and training us meant we could pick and choose the parts we could work on ourselves and get Glenn on board to code the tricky stuff. We are very happy with the final product, and have received positive feedback from the teachers that use the site.

Nic Maher

Dvize helped us realise our vision to improve the functionality and design of our existing website. Working with Dvize was a true collaborative process and our staff were trained in the fundamental concepts of WordPress throughout the journey. This created real value for our network – and our staff – as we now have the internal capacity to manage everyday aspects of the website. Dvize also provided useful suggestions and insights to bolster our communication strategy and as a result, our network members are more engaged with our online tools and resources.

Dvize’s upfront and frank communication approach meant that we knew what was possible within our budget and timeframes and we were able to prioritise goals to meet important milestones.

I recommend Dvize for WordPress support, training and development, they are a collaborative, supportive and skilled team.

Guy Abrahams

Dvize were fantastic in helping CLIMARTE create our WordPress based website. From understanding our needs, suggesting useful strategies and implementing the whole package, Glenn and Debbie had the knowledge and patience to deal with our non-technical minds and deliver a site that did just what we wanted.

Lyndall Taylor

Thank you again for your time and commitment to not only building the Life StyleLists website, but providing valued assistance after launch.

Feedback on the site so far has been wonderful, and many of your suggested additions have been easily implemented since going live as the WordPress templates have been extremely easy to navigate.

I’m extremely grateful for you guiding me through such an exciting but daunting period and will most certainly be contacting you again in the near future to add e-commerce!

Keahny Boers

Dvize were recommended to us by an industry leading consultant and for good reason. Glenn and the team did an amazing job of building a website that was dynamic, manageable and reflected our brand well. The team worked closely with us throughout the entire process to ensure that our needs were met. We would definitely recommend Dvize for any future website projects.

Onur Ekinci

Dvize were incredibly easy to work with. Their turnaround time was fantastic as they kept the whole process lean and met our needs precisely. They also offered strategic advice where they felt the approach could be enhanced which added great value to the end product. We would definitely recommend working with Dvize.

Jane Deany

Thanks Glenn for kindly ‘giving back’ in your recent free WordPress Q & A session at the Hub Melbourne coworking space.

It was very informative & I think everyone learned a lot, I know I did.

I really appreciated you sharing your wealth of WordPress knowledge. I’m so glad I could make it & thanks again for your time.

Jeremy Baird

Glenn understands the internet, where it has been and where it is going. He also understands business processes so the results you receive are focused on ensuring you receive a return on your investment not just a pretty website.

Dhe Naidoo

Glenn ran a workshop that was engaging and relevant to all participants. He provided practical solutions and advice for the questions we had and was very forthcoming in his approach to web development and design. I will definitely be attending other workshops run by Glenn in the future and look forward to introducing others to Dvize Training.

Caitlin White

I attended two of Glenn’s training workshops on WordPress theme customisation in June 2013.

He is very knowledgeable about his subject matter; the workshops were clear and well structured, and catered to a diverse group of people with different levels of familiarity with web development.

I’ve gained new skills and confidence to take my work with WordPress themes to the next level. I’d recommend Glenn’s training to anyone who wants learn more about WordPress.

Rahima Miriam Hayes

he WordPress Training that Glenn offered was informative, brilliant, and easily accessible for everyone. It has given me an excellent foundation in WordPress that is invaluable. I knew a little bit about WordPress and had blogged in the past. I now know how to approach building, designing, and implementing a site. These skills will provide me with the creative and functional freedom I require for a broad range of projects.

Excellent and very accessible training! Highly recommended.

Layla Hackman

I attended one of Glenns WordPress and Web Development intensives as a beginner to get my head around the functionality and potential use of WordPress as the primary online platform for my ventures in the Social Enterprise and Not For Profit arena.

The training was in depth, responsive to the groups interests and needs and conducted in a way that allowed for networking & skill sharing.
Glenn is an expert in his field, the training has been well developed and its open source credibility gave me confidence in the availability of retaining and having reference to the information provided.

Highly recommended for anyone remotely interested in using online platforms for business, community development, activism or change making.

Kieran McKernan

Glenn Produced a website for Moull Murray Architects which presented the designs of the company in a client focussed way, and which projected the ethic and professionalism of the firm. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to employ a highly competent, graphically astute web designer.

Jo Szczepanska

Glenn is a reliable, creative and consistent professional. He has a great deal of experience in all things web design and has a really approachable and friendly demeanour. He answered all my questions, made great suggestions and despite working exclusively through emails and Skype helped create a wonderful product. I can’t recommend him enough.

Matthew Wright

Glenn took our organisation from a well intentioned, work-outcome driven group to an organisation with a professional and leading presence that is felt and that cuts through in advancing the prospects for renewable energy generation and decarbonisation of the transport sector.

Glenn has worked on various apects of our communications strategy. He assisted us with our branding policy, allowing our organisation to focus our messaging in a clear and professional way.

Basically Glenn had the answers. He was analytical and could understand exactly what we were trying to achieve, and then he put his expertise to make us achieve easier and faster.

As well as on the Strategic level, Glenn has also supplied production services, such as producing our most important project to date, our 100% Renewable Energy plan. Glenn has influenced our work with a corporate branding style that fits in with all sectors and creates the space for the major policy shift and infrastructure spending we are looking for.

Glenn is an expert in his field. Working with Glenn has been an outright pleasure and we will always seek to hire Glenn again as our first port of call.

Tyrone Preyser

Glenn was superb to work with, right from the early concept stage which was basically a meeting in a pub telling him our very high level ideas – to finally deployment of our fully functioning WordPress internet site (with full online video functionality)

The whole process of taking myself and my business partner along the journey of what Glenn was intending to build was brilliant, so we could see for ourselves how the final site would look and function.

Lastly, Glenn’s rates were very reasonable considering the quality of the work performed and the timeliness of when it was delivered.

Phoebe Yu

Glenn was superb to work with, right from the start, he had given me so many useful strategic ideas on how to reshape our website, our brand look and to build a community for our customers. The shopping cart software we are using is new to him too, but he mastered it in such a short time and customized it so beautifully for me that we had been show cased as a live store example which bring my website huge traffic.

Glenn is not only very creative in web designer, he is also an expert in online marketing, the strategy he implemented for our website worked so well that it doubled our traffic within 1 week.

Lastly, Glenn’s rates were very reasonable considering the quality of the work performed and the timeliness of when it was delivered. And all the useful suggestions and technique he taught me are priceless!

Working with Glenn has been an outright pleasure and i will keep on working with him on other new projects and recommend him to everyone i know!

Dimity Hawkins

Glenn conducted a three day WordPress Accelerator training module in November 2014. I attended, keen to learn more on WordPress and to gain a better understanding of the basics of social media management. Glenn provides a structured and logical but stimulating workshop which easily traverses a range of needs from participants, from small NGOs through to business people. His dedicated focus on messaging, developing brand and fine tuning your communications along with his great dedication to skill sharing on the technical details is a rare combination and makes his training incredibly useful. I highly recommend Glenn to anyone wanting to advance your skills and take control of your own messaging for your campaign, business or even your own blogger aspirations.

Yvette “Vetty” Duncan

Glenn has a natural understanding of client’s wants and needs. As a client you always know what you want as an overall finished product, but are less aware of the individual components required to reach that goal, or which areas should be areas of critical focus.

In this regard Glenn bought great clarity to our overall impact including ensuring our website was built with both traffic and functionality in mind.

His extensive industry knowledge built upon his own creative nature and design background guarantees a unique approach that cannot be easily replicated.

As clients we were delighted with the end result of our project and are extremely grateful for Glenn’s professional nature and transparent method of working and innate integrity.

Emily Pigdon

Environmental Earth Sciences International engaged Glenn to redevelop our group of websites into two functional and efficient sites. He worked very closely with us from the early development and planning stages right through to sending the sites live to make sure that all of our objectives were achieved. Glenn always took the time to talk through any design or technical issues including offering training so we can manage the sites ourselves.

Glenn responded very quickly to our timelines throughout the projects and ensured that the websites were delivered in line with our schedule and budget. His approach was consistently professional and was always willing to offer help and advice. I would be more than happy to work with Glenn on future projects and would recommend Dvize to anyone looking for a creative new website.

Carl Scrase

I attended a WordPress training by Glenn. He’s highly knowledgeable and gives the big picture perspective on digital communications.

Carol Peterson

The WordPress course really helped me understand how websites work and how wordpress can work for me!