I approached Glenn Todd and Action Skills with a request to add an online store to my website, so that I could sell my Eucalypts books online. Glenn recommended building a website that would not only meet my immediate needs but also accurately represent the nature, scope and direction of the business, Seeds of Gippsland. His advice to work on clarifying my business goals echoed that of my business mentor, which I thought a good sign!

I didn’t need much convincing that we needed to completely replace my inadequate old website, and got to work on defining goals and supplying an assortment of images, business information and hastily-written soul-searching paragraphs. Glenn worked his magic with my material, incorporating it into a new website that is as functional as it is pleasing to look at.

Watching the website take shape helped me to get a clearer picture of Seeds of Gippsland and the direction it needs to go, and fine-tuning the content became easy. The website still serves as a reference point to keep us on track, and I’m sure it will continue to be an integral part of the business as it develops further.

I appreciated Action Skills’ strategic approach to website building; the obvious experience and technical expertise necessary to develop user-friendly pages; and their willingness and ability to answer questions, respond to requests and provide instructions on how to use software.
They will be my go-to people for any future website and automation needs.