It’s that time of year and we wanted to thank our clients for paying our rent. Our company is much deeper than just taking their money so we made a card that outlined all the Probono work that we did that was paid for by our business profits.


Your support during 2012 has enabled us to support other organisations and groups who believe, like us, that together we can make the world a better place.

Here are a few examples of the Pro Bono work we have accomplished with the help of your commercial support during 2012.

We have been able to share our skills and knowledge with people that have learnt how to use digital media to further their social and environmental activist work.This skill sharing is part of Dvize’s charter, with volunteers from Beyond Zero Emissions, Climarte – Arts for a Safe Climate, Collaboratory Melbourne, Bindarri – Australian Creatives for Positive Change and Friends of the Earth all receiving training and on going mentorship from us in 2012.

Glenn deployed intensive training in Tasmania over a week for activists working on various causes such as fighting to save Tassie’s forests from logging and to stop the super trawler fishing off the southern ocean waters which was a very successful campaign!

We produced an interactive website of Australian nuclear sites ( and are currently working on a poster based on this work that will be released in early 2013.

Glenn worked with Friends of the Earth to restructure their technology infrastructure and to implement their new website.

We partnered with Blue King Brown to build the website which has gained amazing support from the likes Sarah Blasko, Archie Roach and the John Butler Trio.This will be officially launched in 2013.

Glenn travelled to Roxby Downs to support the Lizards Revenge festival which was opposing the expansion of the Olympic dam uranium mine. Glenn donated his time to train volunteer members before the event and managed the website and content during the event. This campaign was also successful contributing to the shelving of the expansion plans.

We love supporting local Australian communities, so thank you for supporting us.

Next year we hope to further our work in empowering the positive change movement in Australia.

Best wishes, Glenn, Debbie and Simon

This image were taken by Miranda who is celebrating one year sitting in a tree to campaign to save the ancient forests of Tasmania on the 14th of December. And yes, she spent the whole winter up there enduring snowstorms!